Tips For Choosing the Perfect Men’s Belt

While in the past men wore belts as a simple means of keeping their pants from falling down, these accessories have now become more about fashion. Belts come in a variety of designs and are made from many materials, to compliment a man’s range of styles, from casual to dressy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to choose men’s belts to ensure the right look can be achieved. With this information, men will find it much easier to purchase the perfect belt for any look they want to achieve.

When choosing a belt for a suit, it is incredibly important for a man to match his brighton belts with the color of his shoes. It is considered incredibly tacky to wear brown shoes and a black belt, especially with suits and more formal attire. If a pair of dress pants does not have belt loops, a man can wear suspenders or even go without. If there are belt loops in the pants, it looks truly sloppy for a man to be seen without a belt. For a polished look, one should choose a nice leather belt that is slimmer than a casual belt, yet is understated in appearance so it does not detract from the suit he is wearing.


When it comes to purchasing belts for casual wear, there are much fewer fashion rules to go by. Men can enjoy a variety of textures, fabrics, colors, and materials for their belts. Traditionally, men wear wider belts for casual wear so this is the perfect time to experiment with different looks. Casual hook and tackle now serve more of a function than simply a fashion accessory for their wardrobe. Casual belts sometimes come with options for holding a cell phone, sunglasses, or pager. Most men will find it easier to choose a casual belt by trying on different styles until they find one that feels comfortable, looks great and provides them with the options they need.

Those men who are searching for the perfect belt, for any occasion, cannot go wrong with brighton belts. These belts have a longstanding tradition of being the best belt a man can wear. This belt line was introduced in 1991 and has become a favorite among celebrities. Brighton features a vast team of designers who works with each of the belts they create to make sure their designs come to fruition in the end product, for a superior belt that will look classic for many years to come.